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What to expect at the VCDC

- Exam.

Scheduling an exam at the VCDC for the first time? Here’s what it's like:


Typically, we start off with a virtual consultation with the doctor. This visit lasts 20-30 minutes and is used to review the patient's history, discuss findings from external medical records, and answer questions about the process recommended by the doctor.


Based on the specific case, an in-person exam is scheduled – this may include a pre-test with a technician followed by an evaluation with the doctor.


Our more comprehensive exams may also include standardized visuo-cognitive testing, a debriefing consultation with the doctor, or a comprehensive medical report.


What about the recommendations following the exam?

Our doctors may prescribe corrective lenses or vision therapy (see below for more info!).

If other services are considered beneficial for the patient, our doctors will refer you to the best providers in the area!


- You were prescribed Vision Therapy – what’s next?

Following your exam, the doctor creates an individualized vision therapy treatment plan. In it, they specify the main areas of weakness that you should focus on improving for the next 12 weeks. During the 12-week range, vision therapy is conducted in-office, typically once or twice per week. Sessions range between 25 and 45 minutes in length.


During the session, you will work one-on-one with your assigned therapist and complete a series of exercises that target the areas specified by the doctor. At the end of the session, your therapist may assign a set of activities to be performed at home. Consistency with your home activity regimen will be key in your success! The more regular you are in performing your daily exercises, the faster you will progress through your therapy plan.


You will be asked to schedule progress evaluations 8-10 weeks into the start of your 12-week therapy unit. This helps ensure that your treatment plan is always up to date.


In some cases, virtual therapy sessions may be an option, especially for out-of-town patients.

Additionally, we offer virtual support sessions to oversee the performance of home activities.

- Other VCDC Services.

ILS Focus System – Therapeutic Listening Program

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