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Symptoms of Vision Dysfunctions

The quiz below was adapted from the Quality of Life survey created by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), which has been scientifically tested for robustness, test-retest reliability, and correlates with success in vision therapy programs.

Symptoms Quiz

I see worse at the end of the day.

Things blur when I look up close.

I see worse at the end of the day.

I have headaches with nearwork.

My eyes burn, are itchy or watery

It's difficult copying notes from the board

I hold reading materials too closely 

I have double vision

I tilt my head or close one eye when reading

Words appear to run together when reading

I fall asleep when reading

I have trouble maintaining attention on reading

I avoid near work / reading

I have car / motion sickness

I get dizzy / nauseous with near work

I struggle judging distances accurately

I skip or re-read lines

I omit small words when reading

I have poor hand-eye coordination    ex. handwriting

I misalign columns of numbers

I avoid sports and games

I'm clumsy / knock things over

I perform inconsistently in sports

I write with a slant

I'm forgetful / have poor memory

I don't make change well (dollars / cents)

I don't use my time well

I lose belongings or things

I struggle completing tasks on time

I say "I can't" before trying

My reading comprehension is reduced


You will see the results of your quiz here once you answer the questions and hit the "Go" button.

If you need further assistance before scheduling an appointment, feel free to book a time to speak with
our patient care coordinator.

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