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Headaches and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

By Dr. Mehrnaz Green

Headaches are one of the most common complaints that we hear about from our TBI patients.  Medical Xpress (2/19) reported in a preclinical study to assess “persistent post-traumatic headaches” in a mouse model, investigators “concluded that CGRP [calcitonin gene-related peptide] may be the link between traumatic brain injuries and post-injury headaches.”

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According to the lead author of the research, which was published in Cephalgia, “The sustained prevention of the actions of CGRP with an antibody treatment administered early after a mild traumatic brain injury prevents post-traumatic headache in our preclinical model, as well as the vulnerability for development of persistent post-traumatic headache. … The encouraging aspect is that we do have a mechanism which seems to be driving some aspect of the pain, and if treated at the right time in this preclinical model, it seems to be effective.”

We will stay tuned for more updates on this exciting research and hope that it protects patients who just experienced a TBI from experiencing headaches.  For people who have been suffering from persistent post-traumatic headaches, we have good news.  Headaches, eye strain and nausea can be due to a vision problem that can be treated! At VCDC we provide vision rehabilitation, syntonics light therapy, specialty lenses and filters.  For many, one or a combination of the above treatments help reduce or eliminate headaches after a TBI.  To learn more, visit our website: or NORA (Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association:

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