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Mehrnaz Azimi Green OD, FCOVD


Dr. Mehrnaz Green’s expertise lies with diagnosing and treating patients to develop their visual and cognitive knowledge. She enjoys working with children, including infants and toddlers, with special needs. Dr. Green is also involved in the rehabilitation of brain injured patients; these patients often suffer from vision related neurological and cognitive challenges. 

Dr. Green has extensive training in working with children with developmental delays, including autism. She is a DIR-FCD Certified Profectum Professional in Developmental Optometry and Intermediate DIR  Floortime™ provider. 

Dr. Green has extensive knowledge of dyslexia and other learning challenges. Working memory, processing speed, fluid reasoning and visual spatial skills can be affected by undiagnosed vision problems. By treating underlying vision disorders that are interfering with learning, Dr. Green helps her patients reach their potential.

Dr. Green also works with children and adults who have experienced a concussion or other brain injury. She is in the process of finishing her fellowship in neuro-optometry and is specially trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of neurological conditions adversely affecting the visual system.  These vision related problems are associated with neurological disease, trauma, metabolic or congenital conditions. When the visual system is disturbed neurologically, it can adversely affect activities of daily living for both children and adults. Individuals who have experienced some sort of neurological insult or injury, and who are experiencing visual symptoms often benefit from neuro-optometric treatment.  

Dr. Green enjoys speaking to parents and professionals about visuo-cognitive therapy and has lectured at multiple schools, conferences and symposia. She frequently provides continued education courses to fellow optometrists. She works with occupational, physical, and speech-language therapists, psychologists, educators, and parents to help them understand the relationship between vision and learning, and how vision therapy can help patients succeed.  

Dr. Green is a clinical director with Special Olympics and volunteers at multiple D.C. area  schools. She has received several national awards for her skills and knowledge in vision therapy and has published original peer-reviewed articles in those subjects. When she’s not working, Dr. Green enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters spending time outside in nature.


If you need further assistance before scheduling an appointment, feel free to book a time to speak with
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