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Is your brain a good conductor?
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Connecting your

vision, body, mind,
and you.

Vision Is More Than "20/20"

Seeing 20/20 is just one of over a dozen visual skills that are necessary for seeing well in your everyday life. Sometimes academic problems, thinking difficulties, and movement issues are really misdiagnosed vision problems.

Better than a "Comprehensive Eye Exam"

A typical "comprehensive eye exam" usually involves testing five areas of eye health and sight. Our testing procedure evaluates up to 34 different areas involved with

neuro-optometric, perceptual, and visual-cognitive processing.

Our Vision Therapy Focuses on YOU

If therapy is recommended, our doctors craft a success-based,  individualized treatment plan to maximize outcomes. Then our certified, highly-skilled therapists work with you one-on-one to develop the best possible you. 


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