Treatment solutions for eye-coordination & other visual defects & disorders

Has your child been mislabeled or misdiagnosed with having learning, reading, focusing or other behavioral difficulties?

Our vision & conceptual development therapist will put those disorders to an end. We have helped both children and adults overcome undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or mistreated “learning and other behavioral problems.” In fact, those conditions aren’t behavior-related. Rather, these problems stem from eye-coordination problems and other visual defects.

Childhood vision therapy

Get real help & real results for your child’s vision problem
Children with visual development deficits may be diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder, ADD, learning disability or behavioral problem. Our unique style of vision therapy is safe, painless, 100% drug-free and has the highest success rate of any known treatment. Ask us how we can help your child and your family to a better life. Learn More

Is your vision problem misdiagnosed or is it being mistreated?
Our unique treatment, which is painless and drug-free, has been successful in correcting many adult vision problems, including lazy eye (amblyopia), eye turn (strabismus), convergence problems and computer vision syndrome. Ask us how we can help you or a loved one to a better quality of life. Learn More

A unique approach to vision therapy for children & adults
Instead of living with the same unresolved vision problem, try our unique and uniquely effective approach to vision therapy. We can help children and adults with all kinds of visual development disorders and adult visual problems. Instead of frustration, give yourself and your loved one newfound hope. Discover it here. Learn More

The Vision & Conceptual Development Center offers specialized treatment and care solutions for visual challenges in both children and adults. Call our office today at 301.951.0320 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your appointment.


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