This was they key to finally unlocking reading.

Z's mom


Before starting vision therapy, I was having significant difficulties with headaches while doing near work, car/motion sickness, difficulty completing my work assignments on time, trouble with double vision at near distances, trouble accurately judging distance, and trouble with keeping attention while reading. Since I have a job that requires a lot of time spent typing notes and doing computer work, these difficulties were interfering with my ability to do my job as efficiently as possible.

When I first started vision therapy, I was excited because I was finally taking a step in the right direction to improve my vision and overall quality of life. The specialist that I worked with throughout the course of my treatment was extremely helpful, very motivating and often challenged me to push my limits to achieve my goals. When the time came for me to complete my therapy, I was excited about the significant progress that I had made but was sad that I would no longer see the staff at Vision & Conceptual Development Center on a regular basis. I had a wonderful experience in the vision therapy and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from similar vision issues.

Since completing vision therapy, the quality of my overall life has greatly improved! I can now complete my work in a timely manner and still have time to engage in other activities and interests! I owe a huge THANK YOU to VCDC for the amazing improvements in my overall vision. I no longer suffer from any car/motion sickness (this is a huge deal!), have minimal headaches and I can now successfully converge my eyes without experiencing double vision at near distances. I am so grateful for the strategies that were taught to me throughout treatment and continue to use them on an as needed basis to ensure that my progress is permanent.

Thank you Vision & Conceptual Development Center for everything you have helped me to achieve!
Caitlin L.


Our experience with the VCDC has been nothing but wonderful! We began therapy for my son, Andrew, who was having vision and motor problems, and I was very worried that not only was his development delayed but also he was beginning to suffer from a low self-esteem. When we started at VCDC, both he and I were amazed at how the therapists were not only professional, but had tremendous passion for their work, and made each session fun for Andrew. They were so kind as is the front desk staff, that it was truly a pleasure to come for therapy each week. Over the course of the year, I saw improvement in Andrew’s reading, writing, and general motor skills. He started reading frequently, riding a bike, playing baseball (and hitting the ball!) and was just generally happier and more confident than he had ever been. I highly recommend VCDC for anyone who is worried about visual development and I am sad (almost) we wont be coming in every week anymore!

Shana J.


Dr Green,

Thanks so much for your help. We feel like we are seeing gains already - in the last 2 weeks, LJ has taken a keen interest in writing and is able to write within the lines of a composition book; she is tracking better and has been able to play wiffle ball and actually hit the ball when pitched to her; she can volley a beach ball back and forth. She also seems to be able to sit for longer periods of time to color and play at a table.

Thanks so much,
LJ's mom


My name is Amy Paige, my daughter Leslie was a patient of Dr. Wachs' for 4 years. My daughter had a non-verbal language disability with a huge visual spatial problem with a 33 percent discrepancy between her verbal and performance. She crossed the bridge from learning disabled to normal, received early acceptance into college and is thriving.


Samantha M, age 8, had a vision evaluation to see if her trouble reading was caused by her vision. She had a condition called “esophoria” in which the eyes have difficulty pointing together when viewing close-up. Partway through 3rd grade, Samantha’s mother was considering holding her back a grade and changing to a new, private school. After 3.5 months of vision therapy, Samantha’s reading improved so much that her mom is no longer planning to hold her back, and Samantha has nearly caught up with her classmates. Update 10 months after the completion of therapy: "Sam is doing well and reading at grade level. I do feel the therapy both played a significant part in her progress. We received great assistance from Kate and were sad to have to stop working with her. But, Samantha continues to progress. ...she does not get headaches or dizziness anymore. In fact, her recent reading test MAP – R showed her at 205, which right where she needs to be.


Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend [Dr. Wachs' and Dr. Wieder's book signing] but would like to send my best wishes to Harry Wachs, who saw my daughter, Samantha Elisofon, for 9 years. Along with Dr. Zeller, Matt, and others in the office, he helped her tremendously. Although not cured of autism, Samantha is now a junior at Pace University with a 3.4 average and a merit scholarship. (She already has an Associate's Degree, cum laude, from Landmark College). We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will graduate in May of 2014.You guys all played a big role in helping my daughter go beyond what others thought possible.

Thanks for your help.
Marguerite E.


Our son grew socially and emotionally during his years at the Vision and Conceptual Development Center. The therapists were extremely engaging and demonstrated time and time again an ability to draw B out and help him make new connections. His social skills and academic performance really took off during this period, and we believe the team at the Vision and Conceptual Development Center played a key role in fostering this growth.



We have been clients of VCDC for several years beginning when my son, with severe expressive language deficits and ASD, was 8 years old. In the beginning we had a robust schedule several days a week. He's 16 now, and we continue to go once weekly. The Drs. Identified poor-eye tracking, poor depth perception, along with a host of other deficits. We've seen tremendous improvement in visual discrimination and ability to gain and process more information received visually. His highest scores now on cognition tests are in the area of visual discrimination and I attribute that to VCDC. We were a committed ABA family, and Dr. Wachs insisted we add the developmental-based interventions to his behavioral therapy, and I agree that it is a good complementary intervention. With vision therapy you train the brain to think. We highly recommend VCDC.

Bertra M.


Dear Dr. Zeller,

Thanks for examination for N. yesterday. It is great that you are feeding the results into her therapy so that the exercises are even more tailored to specific areas to be improved. We are so happy with improvement she is making. Many thanks to you, Matt and the staff there!!!!

G. (N's husband)


Chris D, age 23, discovered he had amblyopia (lazy eye) when he failed a vision test to become a Navy pilot. He had no other vision symptoms that he was aware of. The first time he came in, he had 20/15 eyesight in his good eye and 20/30 eyesight in the “lazy” eye. He needed to see at least 20/20 without glasses to pass the test. His “lazy” eye was so uncoordinated, we were unable to determine a prescription at the first test. After several months of vision therapy, Chris’s formerly “lazy” eye can read 20/20, his eyes work together efficiently as a team, and he passed his flight school eye examination.

Learn about one family's experiences with vision therapy at The View From Here. The child and family are not patients of the Vision & Conceptual Development Center.


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